About Us

About me

My name is Eddie Hollins and I passionately believe that a journey is meaningless if the travel is not an enjoyable one. My love for road trips became more joyful when I discovered that I could easily bike on tough terrains by simply getting an e-bike. Moreover, once my favorite e-bike arrived, there was no stopping me. 

My ‘e-bike drives’ rejuvenate my soul, and with the kind of style it adds to my life, I am sure I look devilishly handsome.

Our mission

We are an e-bike enthusiasts community. Our mission is to keep our fingers on the pulse of e-bike latest developments in the market. We make unending efforts to throttle up your rides by continuously innovating the e-bike arena. 

Moreover, we leave no stone unturned in getting you all the prerequisites in one place, even before you plan to get an e-bike for yourself.

Our experiments of e-bike contain the worst terrains, off-roads, and limitless journeys. We only bring in those e-bikes for you, that when you reach the destination, you can comfortably look at your e-bike and say, “You did an excellent job!.”


Thank you for continuously appreciating our efforts.  At the end of the day, your feedback is what motivates us to keep on bringing our e-bike experiences and rides to you.