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Giant bicycle is specifically designed for a mountain tour or long-distance tour. Their enormous diameter of the wheels makes them sturdy and reliable x-treme bikes. They are built with all the essential features that a rider needs to drive a Giant electric bike comfortably. 

The five top-selling Giant electric or xtreme bikes are Road E+ Pro, Fastroad E+ EX Pro, Explore E+, Talon E+, and Trance Ex E+ Pro 29. These Giant electric bikes are specifically designed and categorized in the best way in terms of suspension, wheel size, max speed, battery capacity, battery type, tour type, and latest models.

Giant bikes are great for people who love to take a hiking tour. These Giant electric bikes are reliable and crafted to perfection. They have wheels that are perfect for the hilly terrain. Moreover, their electric system is excellently built to support you during your tour of torrid and uncertain terrains.

So, let’s start reviewing them.

#1  Road E+ Pro

This electric bike is all you need for a high mountain tour or long bike rides. The tubeless tires keep your flat tires worry at bay. This Giant electric bike grants you the superpower of 80Nm of torque output, which is enough to climb all types of high mountains. The bike comes with an  EnergyPak Smart Compact 500Wh battery, making it totally eligible for a long-distance tour. 

The Giant electric bike also has ‘Smart Assist’ technology and RideControl EVO command center for performance-minded riders. Hence, with this Giant electric bike, your tour is going to be adventurous and perfectly safe.

#2 Fastroad E+ EX Pro

This amazing Giant electric bike comes with a really powerful motor. You can add up to 250Wh of additional power by carrying an EnergyPak Plus range extender. This Giant electric bike is also a great bike for those who want to go on a long, adventurous bike tour. It is strongly built for hilly terrains but performs greatly on urban roads too. 

The sleek design and light-weight frame promise a smooth ride on the road. It is also known as a state-of-art mobility bike. The wheels, battery support, aluminum framework, kickstand, and light mount are all aligned to make it a perfect Giant electric bike for every type of tour.

#3 Explore E+

The Giant electric bike Explore E+ comes in two variants. One is the Explore E+ 4 GTS and the other one is  Explore E+ 4 STA. These electric bikes have all the power to boost you to trek on the hilly roads. The design of this Giant electric bike is technically verified to make mounting and dismounting easier during a bike trek tour. 

Moreover, the rack mounts allow you to carry your required necessities for the course of your tour. The basic difference between these two Giant electric bikes is that the GTS is available in S, M, L, XL sizes whereas the STA is available only in S, M, L sizes.

#4 Talon E+ 29 3

Want to try off-roading on a bike? Then this is the bike for you. The SyncDrive Core motor system assures the stability required for an off-roading tour. The wheels are of whooping 29-inch, the best diameter to give a balanced and comfortable ride. 

The battery is easily accessible for charging. This Giant electric bike is powerful yet has a light design. The adjustable setting is the USP of this bike, and today, this electric bike is recommended by 80% of the riders.

#5 Trance Ex E+ Pro 29

This Giant electric bike is a best-selling electric bike for riding on hilly terrains with minimum paddling efforts. Its two variants Trance Ex E+ Pro 29 1 and Trance Ex E+ Pro 29 3 are designed with differences in the fork and shock technicalities. 

There are other major differences in the wheel and chain features, so you have to look and compare specifically what you need. There is also a price difference between the two Giant electric bikes, and you can decide what type of tour you are planning accordingly.

To Conclude,

Giant electric bikes manufacture the best bikes, all customized to suit the specific needs of your bike tour. Apart from designing the best bike, they provide accessories and kits to make your tour a comfortable one. These electric bikes have been chosen and recommended by bike riders across the globe.

Cruising on an electric bike was never such a comfortable experience. You do not have to worry about the type of terrain or length of the journey when you are having a Giant electric bike by your side.

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